I want to create this monthly update as a way for me to share with you what has been going on with me behind the scenes at Pink Knight Creations. Some days there won't be much going on behind the scenes and some days it's just going to be crazy. Could be a short or long update and the structure will change a bit who knows what will happen! This first one is going to be a little long because I Want to tell you a bit about me.

About Me

I am 36 (turning 37 this year). Married to my husband of 10 years (celebrating this year) Ian. We just booked our anniversary trip to Costa Rica! Working on starting my own crafty business. Live in London, Ontario. I am a massive Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast fan. I am a big hockey fan too. My NHL team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and OHL hockey team is the London Knights. I love to read and will read anything that interests me but Stephen King is my favourite author. Obvoiusly I love the colour pink as you can tell from my business name. But the most obvious is that I am a major crafting nerd! Crafting is one of the best activities that helps with my anxiety.

Exciting happenings

I got a mention on the official Cricut Instagram account in their stories which is crazy, so many people tag or mention them when posting their creations using Cricut. The mention got me more followers and people asking me for tutorials now. This made my day and gave me a boost of confidence which is hard for me because of my anxiety.

I'm currently working on getting my products into a local shop and hopefully teaching workshops in a cute local creative hub that is opening up this year. I just need to have a meeting with the owner of the space and see where it goes and update you when I know more. I can't wait to see where this leads. Being a part of this local creative community is a dream wish me luck!

Book of the month

The Stories We Tell: Every Piece of Your Story Matters - Joanna Gaines. I'm currently still reading this one. Be on the lookout for my review.

Next book: Spare - by Prince Harry.

Projects & up on the blog

Beauty and the Beast diamond painting - A great way to keep busy and focused on one thing but you do need patience.

Wooden Bead Garland - How I made my own

Planner Stickers - How I created my own stickers

Acrylic Weekly Schedule - How I created the schedule

Canva Review - Free version this is not a paid review opinions are all my own.

Craft supplies - new ones I tried out

Dollar Store label paper - I enjoy making stickers and needed a way to test out what they look like and just get a general feel and try different techniques without wasting expensive sticker paper. 

Long piece of acrylic - I have had a few long pieces of acrylic hanging out in my workshop that wasn't sure what to do with. I just decided that I wanted to make a weekly schedule with it that I can use in my office and just started creating.

Crafts techniques - I want to try

UV resin - It is like normal resin only instead of leaving it to air dry and cure this requires a UV light source. I have seen so many cool videos of other crafters using it on the back of keychains and making full resin keychains and earrings. 

Sublimation - has been at the top of my want-to-do list but it requires so much equipment and is not cheap. I don't have a lot of room for it in my workshop for everything.

Most listened to music

Thomas Rhett - Prepping for his concert on February 21st.

Mitchell Tenpenny - Just love his voice and enjoy his songs.

Favourite home decorations

Wooden Bead Garland - Yes the same one I made myself! (link above in projects)

Pink and gray heart-shaped marble platter - It is so stinking cute and just adds a cute valentines feel to the kitchen.

Pop your book suggestions or comments below!

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