I am one of those people who still likes to write everything down with paper and pen. As someone who has anxiety I like to track how I am feeling on any given day so I wanted to create a fun way to track it. I decided to create my own stickers where I could colour in the face that best describes how I am feeling. It’s a great way to see how the week has been going. I love being able to make stickers are the customized to what I want. There are so many options with making stickers this way and it's just a ton of fun.

If you want to be able to colour the stickers in don’t use a glossy paper, make sure it’s label paper. You can always test a small corner of the sheet to see how the marker or pen works on it.


  • Label paper - Dollar store (which I used), Staples, or Amazon
  • Inkjet printer
  • Cricut design space - tablet, phone or computer
  • Desired image for sticker
  • Cricut - maker or air
  • Fine point blade
  • Blue or green mat 
  • Brayer

How to create

Creating the sticker

Align and distribute horizontally under align menu
  1. Open Cricut design space, go to search and search for the image you want to use “smiley face” or “poop emojis” you can either do all the same face or different such as happy or sad.
  2. Then add the image(s) to canvas. 
  3. Adjust the image(s) to the size you want. 
  4. Duplicate the image four times giving you five (or as many as you need)
  5. Click and drag a box over the five images go to align and choose the top align option this will level the images.
  6. Go to align again and click distribute horizontally this spaces the images evenly.
  7. Group the five images.
  8. Change the image to draw (if it’s just an outline) I find this works better when printing. 
  9. If needed make the image smaller if you want smaller stickers (optional).

Adding offset for border

Top: example of the offset
Bottom: shows the it's now a print and cut
  1. For the white border around the image make sure you have the image highlighted.
  2. Go to offset and move the “distance” slider to the left until you are happy with the offset size. I like the smaller edging.
  3. Click and drag a box over the images and the offset, go to align and click center.
  4. Make sure both the image and the offset are highlighted and click flatten.
  5. Under operation, it should say print and cut.
  6. Now duplicate the image as many times as needed. 

Design space may be a bit slow when duplicating and when you go to cut. 

I went to “make it” after duplicating a few times to see how many are on the sheet and make sure I am using the full space available. 

Sending to printer

Print setup before hitting print
(I always make sure the sheet is full)
  1. Feed sticker paper into the printer.
  2. Make sure the printer and the Cricut machine are on.
  3. Go to “make it” this may take some time to process but not always.
  4. Choose the mat for any material and click “Continue”.
  5. If everything looks good on the prepare screen click “continue”.
  6. Click “send to printer”.
  7. The printer setup screen should pop up 
  8. Make sure the printer is correct.
  9. Make sure the "Add Bleed" option is on.
  10. Click print when ready.
  11. The sticker sheet should print and have a border around it. This is the registration mark for the Cricut to read for cutting.

Cutting and removing

Material setup (dollar store label paper use less not default)

Sometimes it doesn’t cut properly and it may take some adjustments, but don’t worry it happens. 

  1. Put the sticker paper onto the mat and take the brayer and run it over to adhere it down.
  2. Load the mat into the machine and make sure the fine-point blade is loaded.
  3. Set your material to printable vinyl this will create a “kiss cut” (will not cut all the way through cuts just the top layer, not through the backing).
  4. Stick with the default setting if you are using a label sheet. I used dollar store paper and had to go less because it started cutting through on default.
  5. Click “continue” and press the “C” when it starts flashing.
  6. Unload the machine when prompted. 
  7. Flip the mat over and gently pull the mat off the paper it will keep the paper from curling.
  8. Cut away the extra paper you don’t need (optional) 

Now you have customized homemade stickers for your planner!

I hope this helped you make your planner stickers.

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below I would love to hear from you!

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