It is crazy that the month is over and the end of the year is here. Not sure that I have a lot to write about this month. I spent most of the month working on making items for the Christmas markets that I did. There were also a few days of cleaning and preparing to put one of our Christmas trees out. I don’t mind having a light month every once in a while. 

Exciting happenings

Noah Gunderson - We got tickets to see him when he comes to Toronto next year at the Drake Hotel. We are thinking about making an overnight trip out of it but haven’t decided since we still have some time. If you don’t know who he is look him up. His voice is crazy good and his music is amazing he is an incredible musician.

Christmas Markets - If I am being honest the markets could have been better but talking to other vendors at both shows they haven’t been having much luck either. I did sell some items but not as much as I would have liked. Even though I didn’t do as well as I had hoped we had fun meeting new people and listening to live music. 

Projects on the go or the blog

Acrylic bookmarks - I have been creating stock for my Shopify and to take to markets. I made a bunch of Christmas ones and some everyday ones. This was the first time that I had them at markets and I sold one. The customer was really happy to buy a sunflower design in honour of his mother who loved sunflowers.

Crafter holiday guide - I have been working on a guide to help shoppers buy gifts for the crafter. I used items that I have personally used myself every day and items that I like. There is a small graphic that I created and I also put suggestions at the bottom to help come up with ideas. Buying the right craft supplies is honestly a tricky business.

New tools or materials

Microsoft Surface 5 laptop - the old laptop was probably at least 10 years old and needed a new one. Everything was going super slow and taking forever to load. Once I got the new computer and started using it I could notice the difference. It was so much faster. The programs were so much faster and I could get projects done faster. I am very happy with it the screen is great and everything is much clearer.

Pink Tumbler - I am planning to make my own Christmas travel mug I just bought the mug so hopefully I can get it done soon but if not I have a new cute pink tumbler. The plan is to do a cute gingerbread theme with stickers!

Product organization for markets - I got a photo and craft keeps from Michaels that has multiple 4 by 6 cases in a carrying case. I used it to sort and organize the product so I couldn't put all of a product out but needed to get to it so it was easier to find. It also made it easier to pack everything away and I didn't have to worry about remembering how I packed it all to make it fit in a bigger tote.


Virgin River Shelter Mountian Book 2 - This was such a good book and I will be reading book 3 once I finish the current book. If you like romance books start this series and watch the Netflix series. 

The Langoliers by Stephen King - This is one of his older books that I have always wanted to read but had a hard time finding a copy. I was able to find it through the Bookoutlet. Hopefully, it is as good as I hope it is.  


Thomas Rhett's new record - He is one of my favourite country artists and I was pretty excited when he released an album with his number one hits. 


White ceramic Christmas Village - This year I wanted to do a different centrepiece for the coffee table. I saw this cute white ceramic village on Candian Tires website and it gave me the idea for the table. The set has 5 different-sized light-up houses, some bottle trees and a white ceramic tree. I set it up on a wooden tray with the houses arranged around the white tree and the bottle trees scattered.

Gingerbread House - At about the same time I saw the village I saw the light-up gingerbread house and had to get it. It doesn’t work with my bigger village but it looks awesome on my coffee table.!

Christmas sweater pink with Santa faces on the front - I saw this sweater from Giant Tiger on TikTok and had to have it. I got onto Giant Tigers website and the store showed they had some left so I did a curbside order and got one. It will be great to wear to some Christmas get-togethers. 

White ceramic light up village from Canadian Tire.
Pink sweater with Santa faces from Giant Tiger
Light up gingerbread house from Canadian Tire.

Black Friday 

Harry Potter candles from Charmed Aroma - I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have been wanting to get these candles for a while but they were always kind of expensive. There was a big sale on them so I bought two, one is Hedwig in a snowglobe sitting on some books and luggage that turned into a trinket box, and The other is a Niffler holding a gold coin that turns into a jewelry holder and told hold shiny things after all that is what Nifflers like!

Poppy and Peonies go-getter tote bag - This bag has been on my list for I don’t know how long. It is a professional-looking tote and I don’t have one like that. They had a great deal on the bag so I took the leap and got one. It is supposed to be here in December. 

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