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Holiday Gift Guide for the Crafter

These are all items that I use every day and items that I have regularly. These items may not be just right for everyone but take these as inspiration and fit them to the crafter you are buying for. Some of the smaller supplies that you buy could also be used as stocking stuffers.

  • Gift card for a craft store: Michaels, Joannes, Dollarama or Dollar Tree 
  • New computer, tablet or electronic device: I like the Microsoft Surface 5 laptop or you can get another device they are looking at 
  • Stanley tumbler: Get them something that they can keep at their desk that won’t spill and keep them hydrated
  • New tools and supplies depending on what they do stock them on new suppliers example vinyl, paints and markers
  • Coffee or tea: Buy them their favourite coffee, tea or drink. Detour makes great coffee for anyone looking for a good roaster.
  • Favourite snack - peanut butter M&Ms.
    • Stock them up on their favourite snack or snacks
  • Build or enhance their workspace  
    • If they have a small area spruce it up a bit with a new desk or better chair or if you have the room create a bigger area. 
    • If you have the option turn a room into a creative space for them. 
    • Use a closet as a mini craft room or a storage area
  • Organization - a crafter can never have too much storage and keep it organized making it easier to find things. 
    • Storage for cardstock, vinyl, paints, paint brushes, markers, pencil crayons, pens, fabric or whatever it is they use.
  • Buy them the one item they would never buy themselves 
    • There is always one item that might be too expensive like a laser cutter, Cricut machine or even top-of-the-line markers.
  • Books for some downtime if they like to read. Find out if there are any books that they want to read. Maybe you can find them on Goodreads!
  • Label maker or printer - I have these around for labelling my plastic storage containers, and labelling products that I sell. It is something that gets used all the time and I think any crafter would love.

Look at the crafter in your life to see what they do and use these ideas to pick their gifts. 

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