Finished stickers Your anxiety is lying to you.
The finished stickers

This sticker has a saying that I keep saying to myself and remind myself of when my anxiety gets out of hand. This sticker has been popular at my last few craft shows. I sold more of these stickers than I have my other stickers. I think this idea or saying resonates a lot with others and that is very important for me and one f the major reasons I wanted to do a mental health sticker line. I want others to know they are not alone when dealing with any mental health problem.

I wanted the design to be simple and the different coloured backgrounds for everyone not everyone is going to want one with a blue or pink one. There is a chance I am going to keep the saying but give it a different font and background but I haven't decided yet I will have to play with it.


  • Cricut Design Space
  • Standard Green 12 by 12 mat or Light Blue 12 by 12 mat
  • Scraper
  • Brayer 
  • Spatula 

How to create

Designing the image  

I created mine in Canva. This is just the basics, if you want more detail for making the image in Canva let me know!

  1. Open Canva or the desired program and create a custom project size I do 4in by 4in.
  2. Add a text box, and type in “Your Anxiety is Lying to You!” 
  3. Adjust the wording to how you want it set up and pick a font.
  4. Go to elements and search “blob” and change the colour if desired.
  5. Move the wording on top of the blob and group the images together.
  6. If needed adjust the size until you are happy.
  7. Duplicate as needed and change any colours as you want! 
  8. Save/download the images to your computer to upload to Design Space.

Upload the imaging 

Cricut Design Space upload screen.
Cricut Design Space upload screen.
  1. Open up Design Space and go to “New Project”.
  2. Go to “upload” on the left side of the screen, you may need to scroll down a little.
  3. Click “upload image” and click browse.
  4. Find your image and then click “open”
  5. Select Image type: I usually pick moderate or the option that works best for your image and click “continue”. 
  6. Background remover: you may have to play till happy with the background removal, click “apply and continue” when ready.
  7. Select upload type: click the “print and cut” option and then upload.
  8. Should be in recent uploads, select the image and then add it to Canvas.
  9. Repeat this for other images if needed,

Creating the offset - this isn’t necessary sometimes just depends on the image

Stickers done in Cricut Design Space.
Stickers done in Cricut Design Space.
  1. Click on the image and click on offset at the top of the screen.
  2. Adjust the size by sliding the dot left or right and then click apply when ready.
  3. If there are any “holes or gaps” you want to fill in go to “contour” at the bottom and then click on area and it should fill in.
  4. When set up select the offset and the image, go to “align” and select “center”, this will center the image in the offset. 
  5. With both still selected “group” the images together and then go to flatten at the bottom, the image with the offset will be a “print and cut”.
  6. Duplicate the image as needed.
  7. Repeat the process for all the images you have.

Printing and cutting

Cricut Design Space print set up.
Cricut Design Space print set up.
  1. Turn on the printer and the Cricut
  2. Place the sticker paper into the printer
  3. Go to “make it” and a screen will pop up with how the images are placed click “continue”
  4. Choose "for any material" mat option
  5. Next screen click “send to printer”
  6. The print screen will pop up and ensure the bleed option is on and click “print”
  7. Let the paper dry if needed (optional)
  8. Take the Premium vinyl sticker paper holographic. Cover the entire sheet or just the area you are working with. (optional)
  9. Place the printer sheet on the mat and run the brayer over the sheet to adhere it to the mat.
  10. Set material to the “poster board” setting which will allow the machine to cut through making individual stickers
  11. Load the mat into the machine when the “arrow” starts flashing
  12. Click the “C” when it starts flashing

Removing stickers 

  1. Unload the machine when prompted by the flashing “arrow”.
  2. Flip the mat over and peel the mat off the sticker paper.
  3. Take the spatula to help remove the stickers left on the mat.

I hope this helps you create your own stickers. If you can't make your own and looking for something specific message me today to get started. Stickers are also available on Shopify!

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If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below I would love to hear from you!

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