As a crafter one of my favourite items to work with is washi tape. I am obsessed with it and have 100s of rolls. Honestly every time there is a sale or it’s on clearance at work and I like it I buy it. 

There are different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, words and seasonal like Christmas and Halloween and many more. There are so many uses for it I have an entire on board on Pinterest dedicated to it.

Some of my favourite uses for it:

  • Greeting cards, you can use it on the card and the envelope to decorate or seal it. 
    • Birthday cards 
    • Thank you cards
    • Baby cards 
    • Note cards
    • Wedding cards
    • Engagement cards
    • Invitations 
  • Planners, decorating the pages
    • Days of the week
    • Numbers for the month
    • Skinny tape to outline the boxes
    • Little sayings to put in boxes
  • Bullet Journal, decorate the pages


Other projects I have used it for:

  • Covered up a picture frame that I didn’t like anymore
  • Couldn’t find a mat for a picture frame so I cut my own and covered it
  • Cut it out with a heart shape punch and turned it into a sticker
  • Decorate pens and pencils
  • Bookmarks
  • Cover up plain notebook covers 
  • To hold paper down on my cricut mat


There are many more ways to use washi that I haven’t explored yet but I am sure I will soon! If you want to see more ideas head over to my Pinterest page and look at my washi tape board.

Let me know what you use your washi tape for I would love to hear and see your projects in the comments below!

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