For my sister-in-law's bridal shower I was so excited that I got to make the thank you gifts for guests. I love making up bags full of goodies for people. I also put together a little games package for the day of. This was in the time of COVID so I wanted to have everything together and make it easy for everyone by making one bag up with everything they needed.

Each bag had a handmade teacup candle, a bag of Earl Grey tea in a handmade tea sleeve, a packet of games and a pretty rose gold pen with little crystals in it. Attached to each bag was a little thank you tag and the bags were stuffed with pretty pink and gold tissue paper. I had so much fun putting these bags together! I absolutely love to make gifts like this! I make sure there are little details to personalize the bag and try to go above and beyond.

I am going to walk you through how I assembled the bag, where I got the items and what was made by me. I have created posts for the handmade items so you can check out how they were made if you want to make the items yourself!

Thank you bag.

Items used and in the bag:

  • Floral bag - bought
  • Pink and gold tissue paper - bought
  • Teacup candle - handmade
  • Earl Grey tea bag - DavidsTea
  • Teabag sleeve - handmade
  • Packet of games - printed 
  • Rose gold pen with crystals - Amazon
  • Thank you note - written with the Cricut
  • White string - bought
  • Paper clip for games - bought
  • Thank you stickers - bought

I bought the gift bags and tissue paper ages ago and they had been hanging out in the basement waiting to be used. I saw them at Michaels and knew they would be perfect for an occasion like this. I was so excited to be able to use them for the shower. They fit the theme perfectly; the bags were white and pink floral peonies with a scalloped edge. I absolutely loved these bags. The bride-to-be got a different bag hers still had pink peonies on it but her bag was mostly white with a few of the flowers.

Teacup Candle

The teacup candles I made myself. Each candle was made out of teacups with flowers on them. I hand picked each teacup from an antique store. We spent a lot of time there because I had to like each one and try to keep each teacup similar. The candles were made with soy wax that I scented with vanilla macaroon wax melts. After the candles had set I wrapped each one in the pink and gold tissue paper. I wrapped the saucer in one colour and the cup in another and then the whole piece in another. I wanted to make sure each piece was protected. And once they were nice and wrapped up I put them in the bags and they just barely fit. 

Teabag and sleeve

I bought Earl Grey tea bags from DavidsTea and they didn’t come in a sleeve so I got to make one. Before making the sleeve from scratch I looked for some and I just didn’t like them so I made it myself (link in the items list). Each sleeve was made from cardstock that was pink and floral themed. Once they were assembled I closed them up with a little thank you sticker to help down the flap. Then slide them into the bag.

Games package.

I wanted to make a fun little game packet that everyone could play while they were sitting down in between food and opening gifts. We felt more comfortable doing the games where everyone stayed at their seats. I did some searching for games and I found a website that has all kinds of bridal shower games and it has something like 12 different games. I believe the site was called MOH maid of honour but I can’t remember. I printed about 5 or 6 games like bridal Pictionary, word scrambles and a word search. They went over pretty well. Everyone just kept doing them during lunch and it got a little competitive. Because all the games involved writing, I ended up buying pretty pens for everyone. Each packet of games was held together with a cute little bowtie shaped paper clip. Once each packet was done I slipped them into the bag.


Each bag had a little thank you tag attached to the outside. I don’t have the nicest writing sometimes so I used the Cricut. There were 12 bags and each one needed a tag. Each one was the same and looked neat. I picked a fun font and used a black marker. The bride-to-be got her own thank you tag. I used the exact same pink and floral cardstock for the tea bag sleeves. Once the Cricut wrote and cut all the tags I attached them to the bags with white string. 

I loved everything about making these bags and doing all the little details. I would love to be able to make more of these for anyone who needs ideas or doesn’t like making these types of projects. My ideas just run wild!

Notes: First Picture by Margret Bullock

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below!

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