I love to read and it is one of my favorite things to do. I always have a few different books on the go so I am always using more than one bookmark. I tend to use so many because a lot of the books aren't always novels you would curl up with (though I do sometimes have two of those going) some are self help books or reference books (doing some serious research and reading into essential oils).

Making bookmarks are a great way to use up cardstock, any paper or scraps you aren't sure what to do with. The first time I made any I cut each bookmark with an exacto knife and ruler which was time consuming but worth it. It took me a few days because I was making around 10. Which included printing, cutting and trimming, lamination and adding the tassels. Then I got a Cricut and made all the cutting far easier, faster and more detailed cuts. I have made bookmarks for a few different reasons. I made some for a friend's bachelorette party, they were part of the thank you gifts and personalized with the guests name. The other set I made was for me and a friend, we both started reading Game of Thrones at the same time so I made House of Stark bookmarks to go with it. I like matching bookmarks if I can and if I can't find one I will make :).

These ones were gifts for others who I know love to read as much as I do. This time it took me a while to pick the paper I had so many options it had to be just right. I sat on the floor of my craft room and went through the mounts of cardstock pads for a while until I found pretty floral patterns I was happy with. I wanted a contrast look light on side and dark on the other. The pad of cardstock I chose from was a pad with matching papers which made it easier to get a match I was in love with. I also laminate my bookmarks since I have a laminator but I know not everyone has one. Once everything was assembled and laminated I added a colored tassel and jeweled bead strung to give it a little extra.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock - 1 to 2 sheets - either patterned or two if you want for the back to back
  • Glue tape and stick
  • Single hole punch
  • Laminator & Lamination sheet (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Thin string (embroidery floss) or yarn
  • Tassels
  • Beads (optional)

Please read the instructions all the way through before starting.

How to make:

1. Open up design space and create the bookmark. There are two ways you can do this, you can either look up the bookmarks that are created or create one from the square option in shapes*. I used a premade one in the images tab. Once I selected the one I wanted I opened it up and sized it to the measurements I wanted.

2. Happy with the size and shape you want make duplicate(s). The duplicate(s) are for adding a back for two different sides example dark floral one side and light floral second side. Make as many duplicates as you need if you want to make 3 bookmarks you need 6 in total. Make 3 one color and 3 another color. If you want to one sided (one piece) or for example a double sided sheet and if you want to make 3 you need 3

Now that you have the amount you need put the paper on to a blue light grip mat or two if you are using two different papers load up two mats. Once the mats are ready to go to cut and let the machine do it's magic!

4. If you are doing the two pieces of cardstock take one of each different design put them back to back to make sure they line up and glue them together.

If you have a laminator keep reading. If don't want to laminate keep reading if not go to step 7

5. Once they are glue together time to laminate! I always put a dab of glue on them somewhere just enough to help them in place so they don't slide when going through the machine. I always put the through a second time just incase.

6. Now that they are laminated cut them so they are individuals with your scissors. Don't cut to close to the edges if you cut to close you will cut the seal and it won't stay together. I always round the corners so they don't poke or stab fingers.

7. Take your single whole punch and punch a hole at the top so you can add the string or yarn for the tassel. You don't have to do this part if you don't want to you can just have the bookmark on it's own without the tassel. If you aren't attaching the tassel you are all done.

8. Thread the string through the hole first. Then string the bead and the tassel. Once the bead and tassel are threaded I did multiple small knots to help secure everything.


*if making from the shapes option go to square and make it the desired size. Then go to shapes again and go to the circle and create a tiny one for the area for the string and tassel or you can just hole punch after it is cut. Or you can leave the hole out completely and just have the paper.

If you have any questions let me know. You can share your creations with me on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading! 

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