These gift tags were a collaboration between Ian and I. He created the SVG for the whole thing. I did the cutting and putting everything together. I absolutely love Christmas and I don’t care for store bought gift tags. For the last few years I have been making my own. The first year I made them they weren’t the best but I have been making different ones every year. These tags I have done a few times just changed the background and reindeer color. I try to make the gift tags so they can be used as Christmas tree ornaments if you want to and they are easily recyclable. 


  • White cardstock/glitter cardstock - for full round backing
  • White cardstock/glitter cardstock - for thin circle around edge
  • Plaid cardstock - for reindeer silhouette 
  • Glue Pen - or any adhesive 
  • Cricut design space - on any device
  • Cricut - any cutting machine
  • Green standard mat(s)
  • Scraper - something to help left cutouts
  • Twine. Ribbon or string
  • Hole punch - single

The steps can be used for any single or multi layered gift tag image you are working with. You may just have to make some small adjustments depending on what you use. This is what I needed to do for these.

How to make:

Upload, sizing & duplicating the SVG:

Ian created the SVG for the gift tags.

  1. Upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space. You can also use any image that is available on design space that works for you as a gift tag.
  2. Click and drag a box over the images so they are grouped together and then use the arrows to make the adjustment. Sometimes they are already grouped together and just use the arrows.
  3. Using a single image use the arrows to make the adjustments or use the measurements boxes at the top.
  4. To duplicate either do copy and paste or right click and hit duplicate. Do this as many times until you get the amount needed.

Cutting the images:

Depending on the amount of mats you have you can do this few different ways

Using one mat:

  1. Add the cardstock to the mat and take the scraper to run over the cardstock to help adhere to the mat
  2. Send the project to cut and set the material to medium weight cardstock or to match the material you are using. 
  3. Load the mat into the machine and follow the prompts.
  4. Once the cut is done take everything off by flipping the mat over and peeling the mat off the cardstock. If you have any problems you can use either the scraper or whatever you have to help lift the cardstock.
  5. Repeat for all the cardstock needed.

Using multiple mats:

  1. Add cardstock to the mats and take the scraper and run it over the cardstock to help with adhesion.
  2. Send the project to cut and make set your material to medium weight cardstock or to match what you are using.
  3. Load the machine and follow the prompts.
  4. After the first one is cut, unload and then add the next mat when prompted and keep doing that as needed.
  5. Flip the mat over and peel the mat of the cardstock so it doesn’t curl.


  1. Take the thinner open circle piece and the glue pen and apply glue.
  2. Take the glued thinner open circle and place it on top of the solid circle. Apply pressure and take your finger and run it around the open circle to help secure it.
  3. Take the glue pen and apply some glue to the reindeer deer head to the solid circle up against the open circle.
Glue 3 on top of 1 and then glue 2 onto the big circle and right up against the thin circle.

Adding the hole & the string:

  1. Take the hole punch and punch a hole at the top and only in the solid circle. Try not to get the thin edge but if you do that’s okay.
  2. Take the twine, ribbon or string and add it to the tag.

Repeat these processes for all the tags as needed. Sometimes the tags already have a hole to work with. 

I hope this post inspires you to create your own gift tags for Christmas!

If you have any questions, comments or pictures with your own creations pop them in the box below! 

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