I have always wanted to make personalized tumblers for a party or special occasion and my sister-in-law's bachelorette party was the perfect opportunity. I wanted to make something special for everyone, and having a tumbler with your name helps when there are a bunch of people enjoying a few drinks throughout the weekend. 

Finding tumblers was not as easy as I thought it would be. I wanted them in colours to go with the theme of "Rosé State of Mind" and be blush coloured. There were so many options of sizes and shapes. I spent a few days looking and going from website to website. I would find something I liked and go to look at but it either wouldn’t come till after, had to be ordered in bulk, or the price was too high with not so great reviews or they weren't available in the colour I wanted. After almost giving up I found a set at a reasonable price that would come in time, so I ordered two!

Finding the font was another all day decision. I looked at different script fonts on Cricut Design Space and nothing seemed to pop out. Next was Dafont and looked up script fonts and started going through them. I loved being able to see what the names looked like before downloading, it was super helpful. Sometimes a font looks good with their example and then when you try it for your project and no luck. I came across the "Misses" font and it was perfect.

With everything picked out it was time to start assembly. Cutting and weeding was fast even with having to recut a name (I was weeding the names and pulling the vinyl off a dot for a letter got lost). The weeding took about half an hour to finish. Adding the vinyl to the tumblers took maybe half an hour too. The whole process for assembly was fairly quick and easy.


  • Wine tumblers - pink and rose gold
  • Vinyl - I used white oracal 651 or colour choice
  • Sewing ruler - ones used for measuring seams or what you have at home
  • Design space - on phone, tablet or computer
  • Font choice - I used the "Misses" from Dafont (personal use only)
  • Cricut - any cutting machine will work
  • Green standard cutting mat 
  • Weeding tool
  • Scraping tool - or an old plastic rewards/loyalty card
  • Transfer tape - Standard grip
  • Cleaner and paper towel 

How to make:

Skinny Wine Tumblers
  1. Measure the tumblers to get an idea of how big you want the names. For the skinny wine tumblers the names were done vertically and were about 3.5 inches wide by 1 inch high.* 
  2. Open Design Space and click on text on the left side, type in the name and choose font. I used misses from DaFont and personal use only.**
  3. Once typed weld the letters together. Depending on the font you may need to weld the letters together. If you aren’t sure send it to cut and will show if there are cut lines on the preview screen. And you can go back and weld it if needed.***
  4. Once you are happy with your font and sizing repeat for all names. 

Cutting the vinyl:

Names cut on washi setting
  1. Now that all the names are done, put vinyl on the green mat and click make it.
  2. Make sure the machine is set to "vinyl" (or if it’s a smaller font use the washi setting), follow prompts and send it to cut.
  3. When the cut is done unload the machine and flip the mat over so you are pulling the mat off the vinyl not the vinyl off the mat. It helps keep the vinyl from curling. 
  4. Cut each name out individually and weed the name(s) now that they are cut.

Adding the vinyl:

Finished Tumblers
  1. Cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as your image or a bit bigger. 
  2. Pull the backing off the transfer tape and apply it to the name, take the scraper and run it over the front and back to help it adhere. This also helps get rid of bubbles.
  3. Before applying, take your cleaner and paper towel to clean where you are placing the name. Make sure it is nice and dry.
  4. Peel the backing off the name so just the name is on the transfer tape. 
  5. Place the name on the tumbler and take the scraper over the name or use your fingers to press it down. 
  6. Once you feel like it is on there good enough, peel off the transfer tape slowly. If the vinyl doesn’t come off the transfer tape, put it back down and rub it again. 
  7. When all the transfer tape is off, run your finger over the vinyl one last time. 

You don’t need to seal the vinyl if you don’t want to, it should cure after 72 hours. Remember these will be hand wash only.


*Depending on your tumbler the sizing will be different you can google sizing charts.

**If you want to sell items using the font you have to contact the owner.

***Generally with a script font you will need to weld it, sometimes the letters cut individually.

The tumblers were such a hit, everyone loved them and I just love how they turned out. These were one of my favourite projects. I love that I got to make these for the bachelorette and for such great people! 

I hope this helped you create your own personalized tumblers. If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below. I want to see what you created and would love to hear from you!

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