These whisky tumblers were made for my brother-in-laws bachelor party. My husband was responsible for making cocktails for the party. I thought it would be cool to make tumblers for everyone and they would have something to take home. Plus this was a good way for me to try whiskey tumblers. I have done glasses before but it meant a lot to do this for my brother-in-law. I have known him for almost 17 years. He really is like a little brother to me. 

The tumblers had to be made of plastic since the camping grounds don't allow glass. Finding the tumblers took a bit of work but found some nice ones. They were a nice clear plastic and were a really nice weight. I have seen a lot of plastic drinkware and most of the time it's really thin and scratched up. They were really nice tumblers, we were really impressed with the quality. 

Tumblers with homemade cocktail. (Photo by Ian)

We wanted the tumblers to be a souvenir for the weekend. Each tumbler had an outline of the lake they were camping on. Ian got an outline of the lake from a map and created an SVG. Then he added Tim Lake and the date to create a full SVG. Once it was done he sent me the final SVG and I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space. I then did the rest from there.

Now to the drinks, which were just absolutely delicious. Ian created some super yummy drinks. I was lucky enough to taste test all his drinks and we have made them again. There were two drinks made; one using bourbon, lemon juice and honey syrup, the other was rum, pineapple juice and a pine liquor Ian made. The pine needles he used to make the liquor from a pine tree in my brother in laws backyard. Which gave it even more meaning. Ian bought really cool metal cocktail skewers with a bird of some kind on top for pieces of dried pineapple chunks for a garnish.

The drinks and the tumblers were a big hit from the sounds of it. About two weeks later was the bride-to-be's bachelorette and I made personalized wine tumblers. It felt really great to create both the wine tumblers and whiskey tumblers for each party. 


  • Whiskey tumblers - glass or plastic (Amazon)
  • Oracal 651 Gold Vinyl - or colour of your choice 
  • Transfer tape - standard grip
  • Weeding tool
  • Scraper
  • Cricut machine - or any cutting machine
  • Fine tip blade
  • Green standard mat - 12 x 12
  • Cleaner and paper towel 
  • Flexible ruler - the ones used by a seamstresses 
  • Cricut Design Space - tablet, phone or computer

How to make:

Uploading image

Whiskey Tumbler (Photo by Ian)
  1. Upload image or design into Cricut design space and then add to the canvas.
  2. Adjust the design to desired size. I used a flexible sewing ruler and got a general idea. There are also charts if you google it. 
  3. After you have your size, duplicate it to the amount you need. Example 4 tumblers make sure you have four images. Duplicate 3 times.
  4. Add vinyl to the standard green mat and take the scraper and run it over the vinyl to help adhere it to the mat.
  5. Load mat into the machine, go to make it and follow the prompts. Make sure you have your maternal set to washi for the thinner and smaller design. It is what I used for these tumblers.
  6. Hit go once everything is set up and let the machine do its thing.
  7. After the cut is done unload the machine.

Weeding the vinyl

  1. Flip the mat over so the vinyl is facing done and you are pulling the mat of the vinyl.
  2. Take the weeding tool and remove the vinyl you don't need leaving just your design. Take your time and be patient.
  3. Repeat this for as many as needed.

Applying vinyl

  1. Cut pieces of transfer tape to the size of your image. 
  2. Apply the transfer tape to the image then take your scraper and run it over the tape to help adhere it.
  3. Peel the backing off the vinyl so the vinyl is now just on the tape. Again take your time peeling it. 
  4. Take the cleaner and paper towel to clean off the tumbler. Make sure it is nice and dry before applying the vinyl.
  5. Set the tumbler on something to hold it steady while you are applying the vinyl. I have used a silicone muffin cup, tea towel and a masking tape roll. 
  6. Position the image where you want it to be and apply it. Run the scraper over it. If you are having a hard time because it's not going on smoothly take your scissors and cut slits into the transfer tape around the image. Curved images can be a bit tricky.
  7. Slowly peel off the transfer tape. If it gives you problems, put it back down again and run the scraper over it again. 
  8. Now that the image is applied, run your finger over to help adhere it to the tumbler.
  9. Repeat this for all your tumblers.

There is no need to seal the vinyl, it will cure after 72 hours and they are hand wash only. 

They are completely customizable from your making design to the colour you choose. These are a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys drinking whiskey or cocktails, even a great mocktail! 

If you need any help, purchase inquiries, questions or comments pop them in the comment box below I would love to hear from you!

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