For the last few holidays I have made this really cute mini paper village. It has to be one of my favorite seasonal decor items I love to make. I have made at least 4 for myself and have given some as gifts. I choose cardstock that goes with the holiday/season. Once I make them I add warm light flameless tea lights in the houses to light them up. I bought a set with a remote to make it easier to turn them on and off no need to lift each house individually. It looks really cool at night when the lights are off when the lights flicker. I add little embellishments to create a scene to go with the holiday/season. 

This little project can be found on Cricut design space.

Christmas village scene. I used blue and white icicle looking Christmas cardstock for the house base with a light blue glitter cardstock for the roof. I bought two sets of tiny trees, one with really tiny and one a little bigger and presents to decorate around the houses. 

Halloween/fall scene. I used brown cardstock for base and roof. I bought little hay bales, tiny pumpkins and some leaves to scatter underneath everything. 

The first two sets of these houses I made I didn’t decorate the same way I did with the last two sets. I just wanted to see how I like them and it turns out I love making them. I have gotten so many compliments on them. 

Now I get to share this with you!

Materials needed:

  • Cardstock - 12 by 12 
  • Adhesive - I used two sided tape (you can use whatever you like)
  • Scissors - if you use two sided tape
  • Bone folder - not necessary but helps. I don’t always use it.
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut mat
  • Cricut design space on a device 



Open design space and load Christmas paper village. I only change the roof color for when I want to do something different with it. If you want it all the same just send it to cut. And let the machine do it’s thing!

After everything is cut, fold along the score lines to create tabs for the base of the house and the roof. This is where I use the bone folder to get a crisper line but I don’t always use it.

When the tabs are folded take your adhesive and put it on the tabs of the house to connect the walls together. I do it for all bases of the houses before the roofs but you don’t have to. 

Once the bases are together repeat with the adhesive for the tab for the roofs.

Now that you have them made you can put them out for everyone to admire! Decorate around the houses to match the season or leave them as is it’s totally up to you.



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