This was a night before and a very last-minute project for the craft show. I wanted a sign showing the business name and showing the social media handles. Not sure if anyone took the information down but I wanted to make sure it was there. We had looked into getting vinyl or a laser printed sign but it was going to be done in time and it was a lot of money. If this was the only show I would end up doing I didn’t want to spend the money I tried to keep costs low. The signs are small and easy to store. I feel like doing the signs this way was a great way to show my creativity and what other items I am able to do.

Doing a sign like this has been a potential project idea for a while, just never needed one until the craft show. This technique can also be applied to other acrylic projects such as key chains, cake toppers, bookmarks, ornaments and name place card holders. I have applied a similar technique to my Christmas ornaments. 

This project was rushed a little bit since it was the night before the show and it was getting late. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. The sign wasn’t as centered as I wanted it to be but I am happy with them and very proud of how they turned out. 


Acrylic sheets before paint
  • 2 Acrylic sheet 8x10 - preferred size. Bought on Amazon
  • Pink acrylic paint - color choice
  • Foam brush
  • 2 sheets of oracal vinyl copper colored - color choice
  • Cricut machine - any cutting machine
  • Cricut design space - on device computer, tablet or phone 
  • Green standard mat(s)
  • Scraper
  • Weeding tool
  • Transfer tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper or something to allow that paint to dry on
  • Paper towel and cleaner
  • SVG of your logo
  • SVG of social media logos - remember this is for personal use only if you want to sell anything with these on it make sure you have the proper license 

How to make:

These are the steps I used to create my signs but you can adjust the steps to work for your signs since there are different ways to arrange them. 

Painting the acrylic sheet:

Pink painted acrylic sheet
  1. Peel protective coating off one side of the acrylic sheet. 
  1. Take the cleaner and paper towel to clean any dust or oils off the acrylic sheet.
  1. Put some acrylic paint onto the acrylic sheet, take the foam brush, and paint either the whole sheet or the area you want.
  1. Wait for the paint to dry if you are happy with the coverage you are done if not keep going until happy. I did about 2 to 3 coats of paint.

Creating images:

Logo & name plaque: created in Cricut Design Space

  1. Open up Cricut design space and upload the logo in SVG format.
Name and logo plaque
  1. Create a text box(s) and type in the business name or any wording needed. Ex Pink Knight Creations you would want each word as its own making it easier to position where you want it. If you weren’t making it one line. If you are doing one line you only need one text box.
  1. Create a box the size of the acrylic sheet. This will help with the sizing and placement.
  1. Place the logo onto the box created and center it by clicking and dragging a box over the logo and box then go to align and center it.
  1. Place the text where you would want it to go on the sign. Aligning this can be a bit of a challenge so play until you are happy.
  1. Hide or delete the box and then click and drag a box over the logo and the wording and then click attach.

Social media plaque: created in another program

  1. Open Cricut design space (if not already open) and create a square sized 8x10 (or required). 
  1. Either upload either the project if it was created in another program or social media logos if needed to create everything in the program.
Social media plaque
  1. If you have already created a full image in another program, move it to the box you created and size it. You can leave as much or as little space as you want.


  1. Move the uploaded social media logos images to where you want them placed.
  1. Add text boxes and type in the proper handles Ex. @pinkknightcreations for Instagram and so on.
  1. Move the text boxes beside the matching logo then click and drag a box around the logo and handle then click align at the top and click “align at bottom” this will keep them levelled. Do this for all the logos you need to. 
  1. Add text boxes for anything else you want on there such as the website or business name.
  1. Move everything to where you want it on the box created earlier and then either delete or hide the box.
  1. Click and drag a box around the logos and the wordings then group and attach to make it one piece. You don’t need to do this, you can just do each section individually if that is more comfortable for you.

Cutting the vinyl:

  1. Add the vinyl to the standard green mat(s) and take the scraper and run it over the vinyl to help adhere it to the mat.
  1. Go to make it and load the mat into the machine and set the material to vinyl. 
  1. Then hit cut and let the machine do it’s thing. Unload the first mat and add the second if needed.

Weeding the vinyl:

  1. Peel the vinyl of the mat by flipping the mat over so the vinyl is facing down and pull the mat off the vinyl. Pulling the vinyl off the mat can curl the vinyl making it a little harder to work with.
  1. Take the weeding tool and start removing the vinyl pieces you don’t need. Keep scissors nearby just in case you want to cut away a bigger piece so it doesn’t get in the way.

Transferring the vinyl:

  1. Take the transfer tape and a pair of scissors and cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as the vinyl piece you are working with.
  1. Peel the tape off the backing and place the tape into the vinyl piece you are working with.
  1. Take the scraper and run it over top to help remove bubbles and help adhere the tape to the vinyl.
  1. Flip it over and peel the backing off the vinyl so the vinyl is now stuck to the transfer tape. If the vinyl isn’t staying in the tape, put the backing back down, run the scraper over the backing and try again. 
  1. Peel off the protective sheet from the sheet (if there is one) and take the cleaner and paper towel to clean any dust and oils off the acrylic sheet.
  1. Place the vinyl on the acrylic sheet and take the scraper and run it over top to again help with bubbles and adhere it to the sheet.
  1. Slowly pull off the transfer tape if the vinyl doesn’t stick to the acrylic sheet very well, put it back down and run the scraper over it again. Sometimes it can be difficult. Just take your time.

If you cut everything individually, do this for as many as you need. You don’t need to seal anything the vinyl will cure after 72 hours. You could do a modge podge coat over the paint and the vinyl but it’s not necessary. I use heavyweight page protectors to help store them and keep them as clean as possible.

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below I would love to hear from you!

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