Finders Keepers is the second in the Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King. This book is a great example of why Stephen King is still one of my favorite authors. He has written another good book and continues to come up with great ways to connect his books and characters. I also wonder if he will bring in a connection to Derry, Maine later on in the series (most King fans will know what it means).  

My Review

Overall I really enjoyed the book and liked most of the characters introduced, however I did enjoy Mr. Mercedes more. I didn’t read this one as fast as the first book. It took a while to get to the point where I needed to know what happened next. I liked how he set up the new storyline for book three, or at least that’s the feeling I got at the end of the book.

4 out of 5 stars


Detailed Review

The events of Finders Keepers take place before what happened in Mr. Mercedes, and also up to four years later. The changed in timeline made it a little hard to follow at first but once you figured out parts it was fine. King does a great job of setting up the story line and you can see the connections start to grow. He did such a good job overlapping the characters and making unexpected connections between them like Morris and and Peter who at first seemed to have no connection at all and have a huge age gap too.


The story goes from past to present a few times and makes it a little hard to follow at first but it falls into place once you get to know the characters and a little more of the story. I feel like it took a little longer than it should have to bring back Bill and the gang. But personally I think it was to set up the events for the plot and the backstories needed for characters like Peter and his sister Tina, Morris and others. The killer from book one does show up in book two but not as a main character this time around.

If you haven’t read Mr. Mercedes you can read my review. The main story point is Brady, the bad guy, goes after Bill the cop who tried to catch him after he committed terrible crime that he had gotten away with a year a earlier. I think that is the best way to describe book one without giving everything away.

Overall it was is a great read but I did like Mr. Mercedes more. I can't wait to read last of the trilogy End of Watch!


                                      Thank you for stopping by and reading my review!  


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