Valentine's day is coming up and I wanted to make something fun to hang on the wall. Banner always adds some fun and gives a little something to an event, or can be a nice addition just cheer a person up.

I hadn’t made a banner with felt before so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out or how well the circles were going to cut, but this banner turned out pretty good. This project also wasn’t as carefully planned out as some of my other ones. This was just a "hey Valentine's Day is coming up" project and I wanted a banner.

This was a super simple project and probably didn’t take me more than half an hour. You have so many options with this type of banner. You can do different colours or one solid colour, you can do different types of hearts and adding wording would be great on the hearts too. You don’t need to string it through the holes; you can skip that and use clothespins instead or even glue the string on with a glue gun.


  • 1 Sheet red felt 12in x 18in - or any color or size
  • 1 Sheet white felt 12in x 18in
  • Red string/yarn or DMC floss - color of choice
  • Cricut Design Space on device - Computer, tablet or phone
  • Cricut Maker machine - any cutting machine
  • Pink fabric mat(s)
  • Rotary blade - Cricut maker tool
  • Brayer/scraper - help adhere felt to the mat
  • Scissors

How to Make:

Creating the Hearts:

Felt hearts.
  1. Open Cricut Design Space and go to images and search heart you should get a plenty of results. Go through until you find the one you want. I suggest simple ones, nothing too complicated.
  2. Add the heart you want to the canvas and size it to your desired size. I did mine around 4in by 4in. Go as big or as small as you would like.
  3. To add holes for the string go to shapes and add a circle to the canvas and size it to desired size.
  4. Place the circle where you want it at the top of the heart then click and drag a box around the heart and circle.
  5. Then go to the bottom and click, slice and then delete one of the circles you don’t need and use the other circle on the other side.
  6. Click and drag a box around the heart and the new circle and click slice again. You can’t slice more than two images at a time. Delete the circles you don’t need them.
  7. Duplicate the heart as many times as you need. You can either do copy and paste or right click and hit duplicate.
  8. Change the colours of the hearts if you want. I did half red and other half white.

Cutting the Felt:

Felt on pink fabric mat.
  1. Turn the machine on and put in the rotary blade into the clamp.
  2. Place the felt on the pink fabric mat(s) and take the brayer and run it over the felt to help adhere it to the mat.
  3. Click "Make it" and load the mat into the machine and make sure the material is set to acrylic felt.
  4. Once everything is set up click "Go" and let the machine go.
  5. Unload the mat from the machine, peel everything off the mat and toss out the little cut outs for the holes.

Attaching the String:

Stringing the hearts

(You can also use clothespins and string instead)

  1. Take the string or whatever you are using and put it through the holes alternating the colours if you chose multiple colours.
  2. Tie loops at the ends of the string to hang on command hooks if you want. Or hang it in any other way that works for you!

You now have a fun felt heart banner for Valentine's Day. Have fun with your banners. You can do anything you want!

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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