Exciting happenings

It was my birthday so we ordered some delicious food from our favourite pizza place and cupcakes from a local bakery. Ian got me a weighted blanket from Casper which is absolutely the best. I have been wanting one for a long time. It really helps with my anxiety. It feels like a big warm hug. If you have anxiety I suggest getting one. 

Thomas Rhett concert photo

Thomas Rhett concert! If you are a country music fan and you can get tickets to go see him sometime, do it! It was amazing and I had a blast. He knows how to put on a show and knows how to get his fans going. He had a second small stage set up at the back of the area so he could do a few songs for the people at the back with the two openers. I heard all the songs I wanted to. The lighting and all the pyrotechnics (for lack of a better word) throughout were great. His final song for the night What’s Your Country Song the one I had been waiting for all night had a confetti canon go off towards the end was just plain fun. I will hands down go to another show when I can. 

Books & reading

Reading this month has been a little light when it comes to novels. I'm still reading Prince Harry's "Spare" but my reading has been more about dealing with my anxiety and ways to cope with other emotions I didn't realize I had or needed to deal with until recently. 

I have a big pile of books to choose from so hopefully, March will have more books.

Crafty Projects and up on the blog

Harry Potter diamond dot

Hogwarts Crest diamond painting - honestly I love doing them. It really does help me focus when I feel scattered.

UV resin box and UV nail lamp

I ordered UV resin and got to start playing (as mentioned in January's nutshell). It is a learning curve for sure but I am getting better at it. It is fun to play with so far. I bought some keychain moulds to practice with and they turned out okay for my first few attempts.

Conversation Heart-Inspired Stickers - I made these around Valentine's Day. They are so cute and I just love them.

Flower with coloured border Sticker - These are super cute, fun and simple.

Techniques or materials to try

Holographic covering for making stickers. I have seen it so many times when watching other crafters' videos.

There is a set of diamond painting pens I would like to get eventually. It is more ergonomically friendly for your hands. I don't like the plastic pen that usually comes with them. Others seem to really like the set. (add link)

New tools & materials

UV resin and UV lamp. I need some practice with it. My test tries didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked.

Home decor projects or additions

Beautiful glass bowl with a simple design from Value Village. Love it on our dining room table. Can't wait to fill it with different items to match the occasion or holiday.

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If you have any questions or comments pop them on the box below I would love to hear from you!

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