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I look at some of these blogs more than others and all have their specific reasons why I use them but they have all been super helpful at some point in my crafting journey. There have been a few times I have gone through those sites and found a project or idea that I wasn't even looking for that sparked a better idea than what I was working on. Someday I would like my blog to be able to help crafters in the same way that these have helped me. I want my blog to inspire others' creativity, help them with a project they can't seem to figure out and maybe one day be able to share my designs with others!

Click on the links to go to their websites and socials!

Jennifer Maker 

I started going on her website and YouTube channel when I first got my Cricut machine and needed a little help when I wasn’t sure how to do something. There are so many great tutorials on how to use the Cricut Machine and the accessories that go with it. She also does crafts with other equipment such as laser cutters like the Glow Forge and sublimation printing. I can usually hop onto her site or YouTube if I can’t remember how to do something and need a little help.

She is an educated graphic designer and has a wide range of free projects and templates on her website (you need to have the password to get to her library). I have used so many of the templates that she has in her library and they are great. Each one is labelled if it is SVG, JPEG or PDF to make it easy to get the right file and the instructions are easy to follow. Her YouTube channel has been so helpful when I need to see how to do something because I just can’t seem to get it. The videos are nice and crisp, with no background noise, and she takes her time walking you through the steps. 

You can follow her on Instagram and you will always kept in the loop and see all the cool projects she does.

I love the projects she comes up and I am always looking forward to seeing what is going to come up with!

Website: https://jennifermaker.com/  Social media Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Sweet Red Poppy

I came across Sweet Red Poppy one day just looking around looking something up trying to get some help with learning how to use a sewing machine and just sewing in general. She went to school to become a seamstress so it's not surprising that the sewing projects on there are incredible. There's a a good range from simple projects to super skilled ones. I have recently purchased her sewing for beginners course to start my sewing journey. 

She also has tutorials for Cricuts and laser cutters. Going to her site has helped me figure out a few things I have had a hard time figuring out.  She also has a library of all kinds of projects and templates. She is always coming up with great projects for fabrics and just everyday decor. She has two little kids who she is creating cute outfits for and adding patterns so you can make these outfits for the whole family. 

I am looking forward to doing her sewing course, I have been looking it over and getting myself ready. Before I can dig into it I need to find a home for my sewing machine!

Website: https://sweetredpoppy.com/ Social media Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Lia Griffith 

I like the projects that Lia puts out. She really inspires me to do similar projects. Her stuff is just beautiful and elegant. Her home decor items are amazing I haven’t been able to get to her level yet. A lot of her projects are done with felt, and tissue paper. The tissue paper flowers are some of my favourite projects. There are all kinds of templates to do her projects, but unfortunately for some you do need to become a member to access some of it. 

I have also used some of the craft items she has produced and they are so nice and easy to work with. The paper punches she did with Fiskers cut the cute little leaf cutouts and I haven’t worked up the nerve to use the tissue paper I got from my husband as a gift just yet it’s so pretty. I want to make sure I have the steps down before using it I don’t want to waste such amazing materials. I will keep practicing with dollar store or Michael's stuff for now.

Website: https://liagriffith.com/  Social media Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Joanne Hawker

My favourite thing Joanne Hawker does is her March Meet the Maker, which is a month-long challenge where she gives you prompts for your Instagram to help your followers learn about you and your crafty ways! Doing this challenge helped me reveal more about myself to those already following me and helped me gain new followers. I had fun doing this challenge because I got to plan the whole month out and just got a chance to go back and see what I had done in the past and see where I have grown and changed. I am looking forward to doing this year's prompts.

Website: https://joannehawker.co.uk/ Social media Instagram and TikTok

Heidi Swapp

I like looking at the seasonal products that she creates and how she uses them to decorate her home. Those projects that she puts out there sometimes inspires me to make similar items or I will go out and buy the same one put so something a little with it in my home. 

Her scrapbooking and journal materials like stamps, albums, stickers, page decor among so much more are so pretty. I am using one of her beautiful scrapbook albums with a pretty pink peony on the front for my wedding album (still not done). I was also able to get a package of different decorative cards to add to the wedding album some have wording others have lines that you can write something one. 

Website: https://www.heidiswappshop.com/ Social media Instagram, and YouTube

Makers Gonna Learn

This is another good site for looking for tips and tricks for using your Cricut machine. There are projects, templates, guides, fonts and more. Their tutorials and easy to follow and simple to navigate. The website is bright, fun and easy to navigate. Some of the tutorials I have watched have helped me do some projects faster and understand a little more. I am still weaving my way through the site but so far it has been a great help. 

Website: https://makersgonnalearn.com/ Social media Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

Let me know in the box below who your favourite crafter bloggers are I am always looking for new bloggers to check out! Or if you have any questions pop them below I would love to hear from you!

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