Fall is one of my favorite seasons and my TV stand needed a little something to spice it up for the season. Creating a leaf garland felt like just right amount of spice that it needed. I love the way the garlands just hang down on the stand. Every time I look at them it makes me want to smile. When Halloween came around I just added some pumpkin lights to give it a Halloween a feel.

I have made one for Christmas, Valentines day and Easter there will be more to come for sure. Making a garland is one the easiest things to make with or with out using a Cricut. I have done it by hand and with the Cricut. It just takes longer do it by hand.


  • Mini clothespins - (any size or color).
  • Cardstock colored red, yellow and orange and embossed - (any color or fall patterned)
  • Twine
  • 4 or 5 different leaf cutouts or template - (you can use these to trace if doing by hand)
  • Cricut machine
  • Light grip mat
  • Design space in a device

How to make it:

  1. Open Cricut Design space and pick the 4 or 5 leaves that you want to use. There a so many options you can choose from you can go super simple or you can pick ones that have details.
  2. Duplicate each leaf as many times and you want for each one I did about 3 for each one. Example if you have a maple leaf you would copy it twice if you want 3 in total.
  3. Once you have the amount the want you are ready to cut.
  4. Turn on your Cricut on and prep your mat(s) with your chosen cardstock. Make sure your machine is set to cardstock.
  5. Let the machine do it's magic!
  6. Take you cut pieces and not arrange them in the order that you want them to hang. I spread them out on my desk or table. When in the order you want hang the twine and then clip them with the clothespins. OR You can just hang the twine up and just place them as you go with the clothespins. You can also glue them to the twine.
  7. Now that is done and hung up stand back and admire!

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