No matter where you do your creating such as craft room, a craft area or your dinning room table there are always items you have around or use and never without or very rarely without. For every crafter their staples differ but they have certain items that the are pretty much never without. These items have become a staple in your crafting arsenal. 

I am one of those people who when the items are on sale I buy at least two to make sure I always have these items. They are always within arms reach or a two step walk away. I try and keep them out in the open so I know where they are. 

Not sure if this is just a me thing but I tend to buy my accessories the same color mainly pink (my blog name :) and it's my favourite color) with a other colors thrown in because it's not sold in pink. I always try and use the same brands. I continue to use the same ones because I know it works and trust it. I rarely change what I am using only when I can't get the item I usually use. 

These are the staples and items I always have in my work shop:

Laptop, Tablet or Phone:

This is where I type my ideas, my posts and once my Etsy and Shopify shops are good I will manage everything. I do my research when it comes to looking up projects or if something isn't working I can trouble shoot or find a solution. I spend a lot of time looking at Pinterest which is just loaded with pins. All my devices have Cricut design space on them so I can work on my projects when I am at work, sitting around at an appointment or just sitting around somewhere trying to distract myself. 

Laptop & Tablet


Cricut machine

I have both the maker and the air two. I use them both and have them both running at the same time. I use them for making cards, scrapbooking, gift boxes, mugs, decorate notebooks, decorate random items, house decorations and seasonal decorations among many other things. There are some many projects you can do with the Cricut machines.

rose gold cricut maker


Cricut accessories 

I make sure always have at least 3 to 4 mats around. Depending on the project I use the different mats blue light grip, green standard grip, purple strong grip and pink the fabric. I have them all in 12 x 12  and 12 x 24. Weeding tool, spatula, scoring stylus, scraper big and small. I may not use these all the time but I always have them near by just incase I need to wipe something up.

I also have pretty much all the neat tips you can get for the maker. 

  • Rotary blade
  • Knife blade
  • Engraving blade
  • Embossing blade
  • Foil housing 
  • Deep cut blade
  • Bonded fabric blade

This is something you would find all over my office. I keep it around for make cards, boxes for gifts, little baskets. I even buy it to decorate the house I use it in 12 x 12 frames. Honestly everywhere you look you see it. I am trying to use it up. It all range from solids, patterns themed and seasonal. All kinds of fun colors in different shades to pastels and foiled paper. I have it in all different sizes from little 4 x 7 to 12 x 18. 

pink paper pad

Blank Cards

I am a person who loves to give cards for any occasion that could call for one. I keep the blank ones around just incase I need to wipe up a card at the last minute. Sometimes I use my Cricut to cut the card shape but sometimes I use the blanks work too. 

Washi Tape

Now this one essential I have not just in my work shop I carry rolls in my purse and pencils cases in bags. I have it in the living room and sometimes I just leave it laying around and I don't even notice. I have written an previous post that explains why I love it so much.

washi tape

Pen/Pencil and a Notebook

I keep these items close to just incase for a few different reason

  • When something is blocking my train of thought I jot it down and get rid of the block kind of like a brain dump
  • Just incase I get a random idea
  • I want to draw something out 
  • If there is an image I want to remember in Cricut Design Space 
  • Write up a rough draft of a post I want to do 


It is kind of catch all kind of thing and I just love the idea of taking pen to paper.

Glue and Tape

This is one staple in my work shop that I have a dozen options for because not all projects need the same thing or will work the same. For example and fine piece won't benefit from and thick glue stick. 

Hot Glue Guns: I have many of these fun tools. I have my Ryobi heavy duty glue gun and it is fantastic. I have my precision for really tiny areas and my little regular one. 

Glue Pens: I have multiple glue pens with all different sized tips. I use the Zig brand which I find works super fast and is very adhesive. I use them on cards, cupcake toppers and any other paper crafts I do. 

Double Sided Tape: I use iCraft Easy-tear Double sided tape is something I have different sizes a very thin and a thicker one if I need to sometimes just cut it down when I need to. 

Tape Runner: Tombow is a fantastic brand. It has all 3 different options removeable, permanent and dots. They are also great because they are refillable you just need to buy a case and the refills as needed. 

Tape Gun: I have the recollections tape gun and I don't mind it. I might try something different if it breaks one day but I find it great for doing bigger projects but it don't use it all the time. 

I have many options for glue and tape :).

tape and glue

Black & White Vinyl

I always have a few sheets of these in my workshop. It's great to have them around just incase I want to personalize something for myself or a gift. I have a ton of different colors but I make sure I never run out of black and white.

Foam Dots

These are great for make projects look 3D and give a project some depth. I use these a lot when I making my cards.

Scissors and Rotary Tools

Scissors: This is another item I have multiple pairs of. I have super tiny ones and to fabric scissors. Tiny scissors are great for little detail cutting and regular one for cutting paper down paper when needed. I also use them to cut vinyl when working in projects so it doesn't fall down on to a project. 

Rotary Tools: I have two of these one for cutting paper and one for cutting fabric. 

rotary tool and scissors

Excato Knife

I love having this around I have two. Helps me with cutting paper with detail easier sometimes scissors and the Cricut can't do all the work. I have a lot of pads of cardstock and some of them have a some pages that have multiple individual pictures making up one big piece. I use the knife to cut then down to the individuals so I can use them for other projects.

excato knife

Paper Trimmer

I generally use Fiskers I had the recollections brand I liked it but I prefer Fiskers. This is great for doing one big cut if needed and trimming paper. I found it useful for when I am making bookmarks and cleaning the paper up as needed. 


I have a few different rulers. Each has it's own use for me I am not sure them everyday it rotates out depending on the project. The one I use the most is the flexible sewing it is great for doing curved projects. I have a metal one for when I am using the rotary tool and the excato knife so I don't cut into the ruler (which I have done and destroyed one). I have one with a handle with a metal edge for the same reason. I have a bunch more rulers but depends on the project. I usually work with inches.

Self healing mat

I have many of these in different sizes and colors. This is used every time use I use my excato knife and rotary tools to make sure I don't make cut marks in my desk. I have a tiny one that I use for just little trims to clean paper up. Bigger ones to cut up full 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock. They all have grid lines on them all with inches to help me create straight lines and hopefully make straight cuts.


There are so many more items in my work shop and I use them from time to time and they all come in handy. Over time I will post more about other fun gadgets. 







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