This month was low on projects it was more about taking the time to hang out and enjoy Christmas. I feel like I was putting a lot of pressure on myself the month before with the craft shows and just doing everything and it caused my anxiety to skyrocket so I decided to cut back and just be. I still worked on things here and there but kept nothing over the top. I am getting back to that in January and will do a lot more research into where I can sell my products, design and work on projects wish me luck!   

Exciting happenings

Picture from a Toronto Maple Leafs game.
In the picture is Auston Matthews 34, Mitch Marner 16 and Matthew Knies 23.

Toronto Maple Leafs Game! - This is honestly a dream come true I have wanted to go to the game for so long. Going to a game in Toronto is crazy expensive so we decided to take a trip to see them play in Columbus Ohio. We had so much fun and I took an insane amount of pictures and videos. We were about 5 or 6 rows behind the Leafs bench we got to see the players pretty close up. They didn’t win but we got to see the core four score, they went into overtime and got to watch them play more than just a full game. We got to the arena before they opened the gates and it was just swarming with Leafs fans in their gear it was crazy. By the time the game was over my voice was a little gone from all the cheering. It was such a fun game, it is something that we are looking to do again in the future. When the border agent asked us where were going and we told him we were going to Columbus he asked us if were going to the game it was kinda of funny. 

Trip to Columbus Ohio - When we decided to go to the Leafs game in Columbus we figured we should make it a full weekend trip. We got there the Friday of the game and went home on the Sunday. When we got to the hotel and then left again to go get coffee other fans were showing up you could see their jerseys and then to get dinner the hotel was full of Leaf fans waiting to go to the game. We had dinner at a whiskey and taco bar and then off to the game. The Saturday that we were there we did some shopping at some cute and fun little stores and just walked around the downtown. We got some good coffee and a bagel The Roaming Goat (I enjoyed the name) if you are near it go for a coffee. They have a market that is mainly food vendors and groceries type of thing where we had lunch and got some gourmet pretzels for the road trip home the next day and they were very good and big enough to keep us fed till we got home. We were going to stop at a little restaurant that gets great reviews for breakfast but it was closed because it was New Year's Eve so we ended up at a different coffee shop called Fox in the Snow the logo is really good and the coffee and the pastries were delicious. We liked the coffee so much that we bought a bag to bring home. We stopped at Target since we don’t have one in Canada anymore. Target carries the Magnolia Market collection and I like the designs and the products it so I wanted to go and see if we could find them. One item I wanted from the collection was her collab with Stanley and I got one in Blue! We also got a nice coat rack to hang up near the front door. We hit Barnes & Noble I love going into bookstores. I could have come home with so many Harry Potter items but had some self-control we got some books and a special edition Beauty and the Beast puzzle (of course). It was such a fun trip!

Christmas - I love Christmas and decorating and spending time with friends and family. It was a pretty quiet Christmas this year but every once in a while, you need one. We spent the day watching Christmas movies, listening to music, made dinner and played video games later that night.

500 followers on Instagram - I finally hit 500 followers after having my Instagram account for Pink Knight Creations I don’t know how long but I did it. I am hoping to hit 600 at the end of January. 

Projects on the go or the blog

Image of you can brew it stickers.

“You can brew it” stickers - These stickers turned out so freaking cute! They were one of the first coffee stickers I worked on and spent more time than I should have on them I am a bit of a perfectionist. They will be making their way to Shopify soon.

Working on Valentine's Day Ideas - One day I just sat down and made a list of projects for Valentine's Day that I want to design and make but it’s been a little iffy because my ideas haven’t worked out just the way I wanted to but that might be because I feel like that they are never good enough (working on getting better about it)

Christmas bows from cardstock - For some reason, I could not seem to figure these out at first. I looked at about 10 different posts of the same steps and then had to watch the same video like 5 times before I got it. I tried using two-sided tape on the first one and it didn’t work out so well. They didn’t want to stay together very well. I switched to using a glue gun, which made it so much faster and easier than the odd time burning my finger on the glue. I am very happy with how the bows turned out and they look cute on the presents so I am happy with them. I am not sure if I am going to do a post on how to make them but we shall see.

New tools or materials

Ferris Wheel Press fountain ink and fountain pen.

Ferris Wheel Press ink and fountain pen - These were a Christmas gift, I have wanted to try these for years but never bought them they were a little more than I would like to spend. Yay, Christmas presents :) Ian gave me a pretty pink fountian pen and rose gold ink called The Fluttering Heart which is a limited edition. I can’t wait to play with them some more. I filled the pen with ink and tried it out on a random piece of paper to get it going. The next is to try using it in a journal or card I make for someone.


The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris - I have seen this book a few times on the book lists for self-help that suggests if you have read this you should read this one. One day we were in Indigo for something so I picked it up and have been reading through it. So far so good but I am not that far through it. Just like any other book like that it will take me some time to read it. 

Icebreaker by Hanna Grace - I saw this book on Tessa Virtues Instagram story and it looked interesting so I bought it. I mean the book is about a hockey player and a figure skater the book seems pretty on point for her :). I  haven’t started yet but it is at the top of my to-be-read list,


Stars Like Confetti by Dustin Lynch I am totally obsessed with the song right now every time it comes on I have to crank up the volume.  

We Got History by Mitchelle Tenpenny is another song that crank up the volume to when it comes on/

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