Finished Christmas earrings on the a light bulb shaped earring holder.

This is a super easy project that doesn’t take long to make once you have a rhythm and get going. I was looking for something that would be quick, easy and I could make in bulk to add to my table at the the Christmas markets. They turned out to be super cute Christmas earrings. Some of the charms didn’t have a match that would work so I am just trying to figure out what to do with those. I was thinking about doing some necklaces but I don’t have a gold chain spool I just need some. I hope people like them it’s a little different from what I usually do. I made a super cute earring card to hang these on, they are little Christmas light bulbs. 

I have purchased all these items from either Amazon or Michael’s it depended on which one had the better deal. The fishing hook pieces, the jump rings and the backings all come in one big set for me so I didn't have to but everything individually.


How to create

Has the all the items I used to make the earrings. The charms, earring pieces and jewelry pliers.
Everything I used to make the earrings.
  1. Gather up everything you need. 
  2. Go through the charms and match them up the best you can. Depending on the package of charms they might not have a match at all. I just matched up similar ones.
  3. Take a jump ring and twist it apart using both pairs of pliers with enough room to slip the fish hook earring piece and the charm. If you don’t have two pairs of pliers find something to help hold it like tweezers or anything to give you an extra grip.
  4. Keep holding the jump ring with a pair of pliers.
  5. Thread the jump ring through the holes of the earring hook and the charm.
  6. Once the pieces are on the jump ring take the pliers and twist the jump ring back together to close it up. 
  7. Repeat the process as needed for each charm.
  8. Add them to the earring cards if you are using them.
  9. Add the backings to the earrings.

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