A few Easters ago I wanted to make super cute treat boxes. When I was looking around on Pinterest I saw a carrot box and thought to myself I can make that myself and make my own template. After about and hour or so and much trial and error I made my template and created my carrot treat box.

Shapes needed:

1 triangle - for the long narrow part of the box

1 circle - for the top of box making the lid 

1 rectangle - this makes the tab


How to make the template:

1. Open Cricut design space or what ever program you choose to do this in.

2. Go to shapes on the left side bar and pick the triangle. Create a triangle the size and the length you want to box to be and do the same for the circle. Move the circle down until the middle meets the tips of the triangle it looks like one piece it will end up looking like an ice cream cone. Once you are happy with how it looks weld the the shapes together. This creates the first panel for the sides of the boxes. 

3. Now take the panel and copy and paste it 3 times now you should have 4 panels.

4. Go to shapes again and choose the rectangle. I made at almost the whole length of the panel and thin. Depends on the size if the panel you make it the size you feel works best for you. Once the size is right then again weld the rectangle to one panel and now you have you tab. Tab is used to glue the box together.

5. Connect the panels edge to edge now. It will start to curve that's okay it's suppose to do that. I went one panel at a time and attached as I went. I found this to be the best way so if I made a mistake I could go back and fix it easier. When you line them together there will be a black line, I keep rotating until the line is gone then I attach them together. Repeat this with the other 3 panels till you are happy with the placement. Make sure the panel with the tab is in on the end. This is is where most of he trial and error came in for me.

6. When the panels and the tab are attached this is where I started adding the score lines. To add the score lines go to shapes again and choose score line. I placed the lines for the panels along what would be the edges of the panel and along the where the top if the triangle and the circle meet. I made the lines a little longer then I needed to just to make sure they went end to end.

7. Make sure that everything is attached. Highlight the entire project together and hit attach. Now that everything is attached you have your template.


- 12 by 12 pieces of orange card stock

- Template (one you created or one you got elsewhere)

- Green ribbon (or whatever you like)

- Cricut machine

- Standard blade

- Light grip mat

- Adhesive 

- One hole hole punch 


Instructions for Box:

Now that your template is done and ready to go you can cut your box.

1. Place the 12 by 12 orange card stock on the Cricut mat. I use a brayer to help get the air bubbles out from under the cardstock. 

2. Go to make it in the top right corner and follow the prompts. Just like you would with any other project.

3. Now that the box is cut fold along the score lines (along the narrow part of the carrot, the circles at the top for the lid and the tab.

4. Glue the tab to the other edge panel to complete the box. 

5. Take your hole punch and make two hole across from each other for the ribbon 

6. Once the glue is dry you can put whatever treats you want in the box and take your ribbon and tie a bow.

Now you have your very own carrot treat box!



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