With Easter coming up I wanted to make some cute treat boxes. I saw a carrot one on Pinterest and thought to myself that I could do that myself. I made a template in Cricut Design Space and it took me about an hour to make it. There are super easy to make and you can put whatever you goodies you like!

To make the template

  • 4 Triangles
  • 4 Circles
  • 1 Rectangle
  1. Create a triangle to the size you want and one circle.
  2. Place the circle on top of the triangle and move the circle until the middle of the circle is touching the points on top of the triangle. It will look like an ice cream cone and once you are happy with it attach them together. This is going to create your panels for the carrot.
  3. Once you have the piece how you want it, copy and paste it 3 times, You should now have 4 of the same pieces.
  4. Create a rectangle and run it the length of the panel. This tab is used to attach the panels together with glue/adhesive.
  5. Connect them edge to edge. It will start to curve and that's okay it’s supposed to do that. I connected them one at a time and attached them as I went. When you attach them together you may see a black line, I keep rotating it until the black line is gone when I attach. Repeat this with the other 3 pieces until you are happy.
  6. When you have all 4 panels attached together attach the rectangle to the last panel creating your tab.
  7. When the panels and the tab were attached I added scoring lines. I did the lines down what would be the edges of the triangles, the edge where the triangle and rectangle meet and at the bottom of the semi circle. Doing the scoring lines makes it easier to fold the panels and the tab.
  8. Make sure everything is attached including the scoring lines and once everything is attached you have your template!

Carrot Box Measurements


  • Orange Cardstock 12 by 12
  • Template
  • Green ribbon to tie the box
  • Cricut or cutting machine
  • Scoring wheel or tool
  • 12 x 12 Green standard mat
  • Glue tape or hot glue
  • Single hole punch

Cutting the box

With your template ready to go in Cricut Design Space it is time to cut out your box.

  1. Place your orange cardstock onto your mat.
  2. Place the scoring tool into the machine and make sure the dial is set to cardstock
  3. Click on the make it button and follow the prompts
  4. Once the box is cut. Fold the edges and the tab and the fold the tops
  5. You can either hole punch the top now or wait. I did two directly across from each other
  6. Glue the tab to the inside of the first panel completing the box
  7. When the glue has dried put the green ribbon through the holes you made and tie it into a bow.
  8. Fill it with whatever you like or just leave it that way it is and you are done!

Once everything is cut, assembled and your Easter goodies are in the box your carrot treat boxes are ready for everyone to enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below. I would love to you hear from you!

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