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Cardstock is one of the most multi-purpose items that a crafter can own. There are so many uses for it. It comes in different colours, and designs that range from farmhouse to seasonal, sizes, and weights and can be embossed with images and have different textures. It can be purchased anywhere, I have gotten it from Michaels, Dollarama, Dollar Tree, and Amazon. Some cardstock can be better for certain projects than others I have learned that the hard way. Not going to lie it might be a small obsession. I use it for the majority of my projects from the actual item to the packaging. 

There are stacks of it all over my office and no idea how much there is. I try to keep it as organized as possible but sometimes it just gets out of control and I have to clean it back up. I keep the scraps and try to use as much of the cardstock as possible before recycling what I can’t use. Even if the project doesn’t go as planned I will cut and keep what I can from it and I always go through the cases that have the scraps first before using a new sheet. When I started organizing the scraps it was very satisfying and honestly, I love doing it.


  • Full pads are organized by solids, patterns and seasonal on shelves with a label on the edge. 
  • Individual sheets are stored in an Iris case (Michaels or Amazon). These aren’t super organized because there aren’t as many so one case is enough.
  • Large scraps are stored in Iris cases (Michaels or Amazon) or any case 12 by 12 for the bigger pieces. Sorted by solid colours, patterns and glitter, and seasonal with labels.
  • Smaller scrap pieces under 4 by 6 inches are sorted in photo containers (Michaels or Amazon) labelled by colour, patterned and seasonal. 
  • Other options for scraps - are photo albums, accordion file folders and magazine cardboard holders. I have tried some of them and worked for a bit but eventually stopped working for me.

Tips & tricks

  • Smaller pieces can become confetti using differently shaped paper punches.
  • To help keep the cardstock from cracking when folding use a bone folder or scoring board to help score the paper.
  • Label the pads to help keep track of what you have or sort by patterned, seasonal or solids I do both.
  • Store your scraps to make it easier to find what you need. 
  • Don’t use a lot of liquid glue it will ripple the paper and takes a while to dry. I use two-sided tape and glue tape depending on the project.
  • When cutting the cardstock make sure the blade of what you are using is sharp. If it’s dull it will eat up the paper.
  • If you are using a cutting machine like a Cricut flip the mat over and pull the mat off the paper to help keep the paper from curling.
  • If you are going to write on it make sure to test a small area to see if it smudges of it the pen or marker will even work. 

From the list below I have done many of them myself and plan on trying the others when I have the opportunity. I am sure there are many more uses that I didn’t list. The main project I use cardstock for is making cards

Cardstock uses 

  • Card pieces - the base, embellishment pieces, different layers and inserts
  • Envelopes - outside, an insert and embellishments 
  • Banners
  • Jewellery display cards - earrings, keychains, necklaces, bows and more!
  • Cake and cupcake toppers
  • Pictures and wall decor - Full pieces can be so pretty that you can frame and hang them.
  • Backgrounds for taking pictures of products or any item
  • Dividers for planners and binders.
  • Gift tags and favour tags
  • Bookmarks 
  • Confetti 
  • Labels and signs
  • Mats for picture frames
  • Name cards for your table   
  • Scrapbooking pages and embellishments
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Flowers and rolled flowers
  • Folders
  • Gift, treat and gift card boxes
  • Package filling once shredded
  • Mini albums 
  • Stickers you can use cutouts and random pieces using a sticker maker
  • Notebooks and notebook covers
  • Christmas tree ornaments 
  • Party Favours
  • Templates and stencils
  • Valentines Day cards
  • Photo props 
  • Explosion boxes to put gifts inside
  • Random decorations and embellishments

Click here for some cardstock creations!

I am sure there is something I have missed along the way but that is okay that is the fun part about crafting with cardstock there is always something new to learn and create!

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below I would love to hear from you!

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