Cardboard box to burlap basket

This project kind of just evolved. It changed from a random box for card storage while making cards for craft shows to a display for the table. Making this basket was a super easy, quick and cheap. The only material I needed to buy was the burlap and I got that at the dollar store for $2.00. This is a great way to upcycle any old boxes you have, which is something I try to do when I can. Fabrics, burlap, glue gun and glue sticks can be bought at the dollar store if you don’t already have it at home and as for boxes most people already have boxes laying around. 

I wanted to take more cards for my craft show to help fill my table but didn’t really have anything to put them in. At one point I tried to find a basket that would work and match with the look of the other displays that had a natural look but had no luck.  Since the cards already fit I just had to make it presentable not just a cardboard box. I took the box added the burlap and ribbon to it. The ribbon wasn’t part of the original plan but I didn’t notice until I had already glued the burlap on that there was a weird looking notch which the ribbon covered up. The ribbon really added to the box and matched with the other displays. 

I will be using this basket for storage or display either in my craftroom or somewhere in the house. Given how easy and quick it was to make many more baskets will be made. I absolutely love the basket!


  • Amazon box or cardboard box- any size
  • Burlap - can be purchased at a craft store or a dollar store
  • Ribbon (any size or colour) - can be purchased at a craft store or dollar store 
  • Kraft cardstock - Michaels 
  • Hot glue and sticks or any adhesive 
  • Scissors 
  • Exacto knife


Prepping the box

  1. Take the Exacto knife or scissors and cut all four flaps off.
  2. Glue the kraft cardstock to the side of the box this helps hide words or tape anything like that you don’t want to be seen. 
  3. Cut the extra cardstock off so it is all even. 
  4. Repeat for the remaining sides. 

Gluing the burlap

  1. Add hot glue to one side of the box and then place burlap on and leave a little extra at the top to fold over the edge. You can either to a continuous wrap of the box or do it in panels either works.
  2. Once the sides are done cut the corners of the burlap 
  3. Fold the edges over and glue them down and pull it nice and tight.

Gluing the ribbon

  1. Hot glue the ribbon around the box one side at a time and make sure it is tight. 

You know have your own custom basket for whatever you need!

If you have any questions or comments pop them in the box below I would love to hear from you!

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