On Pinterest and Instagram, there have been some super cute cutting board projects with sayings used for kitchen decor. I wanted to do the same for our kitchen but didn’t have a cutting board and didn’t want to buy one. I figured I could make the shape of one using the Cricut Maker. It turned out better than I thought it might. This was the first time I had ever cut a project this big with basswood. You could probably cut multiple pieces to make the piece thicker like an actual cutting board.

If you want to paint the board you will probably want to seal it with something. Mine wasn’t and it warped the board a little. Google painting basswood and it will give you a few options I haven’t tried any of them so not sure which is the best. I painted both sides and then put some heavy items on it to help flatten it and flipped it over from time to time. Eventually, it flattened enough for me to finish.

Click here to see the final project - Coming soon

Note: This is for decorative use only this is not foodsafe.


  • Basswood - 11in by 11in mine (Cricut Brand)
  • Cricut maker 
  • Knife blade
  • Purple heavy-duty mat
  • Painters tape - help hold the basswood down while cutting
  • Brayer
  • Cutting board template - I made mine I didn’t like the images Design Space
  • Cricut Design Space - on an electronic device tablet, phone or computer
  • Sandpaper

Making the template

Basswood cutting board

I could have used an image from design space but none had the shape I was looking for.

  1. Open Cricut Design Space. I suggest doing this on a tablet or computer the phone screen might be too small. 
  2. Go to shapes and select the square with rounded corners and adjust it to a bigger size.
  3. Then go back to shapes and select the oval and lay it over top of the square to make the handle. 
  4. Click and drag a box around the two shapes and align the oval by selecting center horizontally. 
  5. Once happy with the placement and weld the shapes together.
  6. Go to shapes, select the thicker crescent and place it behind the image and have the inside curve peek just the corner between the handle do this on both sides and weld it together. This may take some patients and fiddling.
  7. Go to shapes select a circle and place it over the handle where you want the hole to be essentially creating the finger hole. This isn’t necessary you can just leave the handle as is.
  8. Once you have your image you can adjust the size of the whole board to what you want.

I suggest doing a test cut using some cardstock just to make sure you get the shape and size you want. Either recycle or reuse the cardstock for something else. I test with pieces of cardstock and put the cardstock away until I can use it later. 

Cutting the basswood 

  1. Make sure your machine is turned on.
  2. Place the basswood on the purple heavy-duty mat you could use the standard green one. I just prefer the heavy-duty for this.
  3. Once on the mat take your brayer or scraper and run it over top to help adhere it to the mat.
  4. Then add some painter's tape to the edges to help hold it down while the machine is cutting.
  5. Take the fine point blade out of the clamp and place the knife blade in.
  6. Load the mat into the machine
  7. Make sure the material is set to basswood. You may need to search for material.
  8. Follow the prompts as needed.
  9. Click the flashing “C” when it starts flashing ready. It will take a few passes for it to cut.
  10. When the cut is finished slowly peel the basswood off the mat gently the basswood is thin and can break easily. I have had it happen before with a different project. 
  11. If there are any rough spots or the edges need some smoothing you can take some sandpaper to it.

Now you have a cutting board for your project!

If you have any questions or comments pop them on the box below I would love to hear from you!

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