As a crafter who owns multiple Cricuts and crafts a lot I have a ton of vinyl rolls, rolls of heat transfer vinyl (HTV), vinyl sheets and scraps. I have had to come up with a few creative ways to store it all. It just kept accumulating since I'd buy some more whenever it went on sale, clearance or just because I liked it. Vinyl has been stored in totes, buckets and bags. I have googled and scoured Pinterest for storage and never found anything that worked for more than a couple of weeks or that I didn’t like after I tried it.

When we bought our house I was lucky enough to get my own craft room. In our apartment everything was stored in the second room which was essentially storage and a small office. When I was crafting it was at the dining room table, which made it kind of hard to eat there once I started. My Cricut and a spinning caddy plus a few million other things were on the table. And I had a pink cart set up to the side just beside it.

Now that I have my own craft room (or as my husband calls it my "magic workshop") finding a great way to store all those rolls of vinyl was essential. I couldn’t do the 7 different storage places anymore. I eventually found a great solution for the rolls. What I discovered was that shoe holders that go in a closet make fantastic holders. Mine hangs on the back of the door to my magic workshop. I ordered one to just try it out to see how it would work and loved it so I ordered a second one (plus one just didn’t hold enough). One for regular vinyl and one for HTV. Honestly I didn’t realize how much there was until I organized it all either. A major bonus is they came in pink to match more of the storage I have. 

This is a great option for your small craft room closet, back of the door or even for a she shed (which I am dying to have one day).  

The shoe storage I ordered from amazon was the simplehouseware baby over the door hanging 6 clear window pocket organizer in pink:

For the sheets and scraps of vinyl I use 12 by 12 iris cases from Michaels. I have cases for sheets, regular scraps like Oracal 651(permanent), Oracal 631(nonpermanent) and HTV. Having it organized like this makes it easier when I have a quick last minute project. For the really tiny pieces that would be hard to find I have them in a small brag book album sorted by color. Having all this organization has been extremely fun and super satisfying. 

I hope this helps with your vinyl storage needs!

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